Welcome! I am NegaiUta, a Canadian vocal synthesizer hobbyist. I really enjoy using UTAU, and vocalsynth songs of all kinds. Here, you can check out my own UTAU voicebanks, as well as my previous covers.

UTAUs voiced by NegaiUta


Art by utaufoods (Tumblr)

ACAPELLOID is my first ever voicebank, made back in 2015, with an updated bank later on.ACAPELLOID is a unique voice, in that she is entirely meant to simulate a synth instrument! Her first voicebank has only vowels, and her ACT2 voicebank has あ samples covering an octave. Load in the MIDI of your choice and enjoy a unique new sound!

Rolling Girl (ACAPELLOID ACT2 feat Kikyuune Aiko as the vocalist)

Together We Ride (ACAPELLOID ACT2)

Fukkireta (ACAPELLOID)

Hikizanne Endo (引算音 エンド)

Art by maithy

Endo is my first CV voicebank from 2015, with his most recent CVVC bank in 2019. He's also (so far) my only male UTAU.Endo is a guy who is more reserved in everyday situations, but is actually easygoing and cheerful once he becomes comfortable. He likes his headphones and feels more comfortable with them on. He's also a trans guy, and is becoming more and more comfortable with himself and his presentation.He currently has 1 retired CV bank, 1 current CV voicebank, and a current CVVC voicebank, which is his most recent and definitive voice.

Coward Montblanc (Endo CVVC)

Yanderenka (Endo CVVC)

Rock Ur Body (Endo CV ACT2)

Tokyo Teddy Bear (Endo CV)

Maeno Nagisa ( 前野 なぎさ)

Art by wez_zen

Nagisa is my first multipitch voicebank, first released in 2019.Nagisa is full of optimism and positivity, and wants to share that with the world. They took up singing because they found joy in it, and wanted to tell stories of all kinds with song. She's a demigirl, and uses she/they pronouns.She currently has one tripitch CVVC voicebank.

Demo Reel -傘の下から虹 + Reincarnation + HAMELN- (Nagisa CVVC)

Sibella (シベラ)

Art by t0bey

Sibella is the newest voicebank of mine, and the first one with voicebanks in both English and Japanese.Sibella is a young Black girl living and studying in Japan, who found happiness in dressing in Lolita fashion as well as singing. She is someone dedicated to what she loves and can be over the top, but always in good faith.She currently has a VCV Japanese and Arpasing English voicebank, which is available together, and can be used interchangeably in one UST. I would suggest downloading this dictionary for Arpasing 0.2.0 voicebanks when using OpenUtau.

Demo Reel -Dreamin Chuchu + Accidentally in Love- (Sibella VCV and Arpasing)

Ladies First (Sibella VCV and Arpasing feat. Arachne)

Rules Regarding My UTAUs


  • R-18 Content/Songs

  • OTO Edits (Only allowed without Distribution)

  • Commercial Use of Character and Voicebank (with permission and discussion with me)

  • Diff-SVC Models (No distribution, only with permission)

Not Allowed:

  • Content glorifying/condoning bigotry

  • (Sibella) Visual depictions lightening skintone

  • Distribution of Diff-SVC voice models using voicebanks